SQL Starter

As a new DBA,
start with these articles
in the sequence they are listed.

The 9 steps listed below are placed in sequence to give you a better understanding of the T-SQL language from the ground up.

So many new DBA's get started in the middle and never really gain a full understanding of the fundamentals. (I was one of them.) Thus, I created this blog site to provide a place for a Junior DBA to learn from the beginning in the correct order.

I know the 3rd step is going to be boring, but it's something you really need to understand in order to build functional databases and objects in SQL Server. The key take-aways you should retain from step 3 is set theory and relational database levels.

(Step 6)

A quick look at Schemas

(Step 7)

SQL Server Data Types

(Step 8)

Keys, Everything you need to know for the junior DBA.

(Step 9)

Creating Views with T-SQL

Now that you have completed the 9 articles listed above, you should be ready to move on to the next level. The next page on this blog site is a collection of various snippets and in-depth articles about the inner workings of T-SQL.    Click here to get started.

I hope you enjoy them.

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